City of Onkaparinga Active Community Cup, Ironfish Corporate Cycling Challenge, The Dragon Boat Challenge, the Business SA Corporate Cup.  They’re all 7 week programs so why 7 and not, say, 4 or 10?

We were recently asked why ‘Life. Be in it’ programs are 7 weeks rather than 4 or 10 or whatever.  Great question!  Our 7 week programs take their lead from the Corporate Cup that was started 36 years ago by the late Mr Don Leitch. A nutritionist with CSIRO, Don believed a 16 week exercise program would improve the lives of workers bound by sedentary duties in the workplace.   He reckoned the aim to improve time over 7 fortnightly runs would both engage our competitive nature and drive up our fitness, especially if we exercised in the ‘in between weeks.’

And why 7 weeks?  Leitch considered the financials of such a program – the cost of putting on the program against income from registration – as well as factors such as boredom, relevance and competition.  Most importantly his research demonstrated that 7 weeks was the minimum amount of time that would have a positive impact on health and fitness assuming that a) people missed up to two weeks through work commitments and absence and, b) that participants involved themselves in some other activity in the week off.

The LBII programs, therefore, are 7 weeks because that is the minimum amount of time that an exercise program will have a positive effect on health and fitness within ‘break-even’ financial restraints.