Can I change my distance?

Yes, you can! But you must inform us at the admin tent. There are some circumstances to consider before doing so:

  1. If you are registered for a distance (ie. 2.2km) and have been running a different distance (ie. 4.5km) and want to keep running the 4.5km then the process is simple and can be changed easily.
  2. If you are registered for a distance (ie. 7.2km) and have been running at this distance but would like to change, your previous times will be deleted.

You will essentially be noted as a DNF (Did Not Finish, 00.00) this means you will receive attendance points but no base time. Your base time will then be established the next time you run.

The reason why this happens is because if you were running the 4.5km instead of the 7.2km for example, your base time would be much too fast because you would be finishing earlier due to the shorter course.

If I am looking to qualify for the fastest categories how many runs must I complete?

Your team must have 5 out of 7 participants complete 6 out of 7 runs to qualify. The best 6 weeks are accumulated which then goes towards your final result. Individual awards are calculated from the best 6 out of the 7 times.

Most improved categories are calculated with improvement points. You must have at least 5 participants completing 5 out of 7 weeks to qualify for most improved.

Can I email/phone my run time in?

No, we can’t take emailed/phoned in times. If you forget or do not have your card on the day you must see us at the registration tent so we can issue you a temporary card for the day’s run. Also, if your name does not display on the finish screen then this must be solved on the day as well.

What is the latest I can start?

6pm is the very last time you can start your run/walk at Karrawirra Park South. 1.30pm for Pinky Flat and for all the regions.

Is there free parking for the city event?

Yes. There will be spaces set aside at the Torrens Parade Ground:

  • 6am to 8am (out by 8.30am)
  • 11.30am to 1.30pm (out by 2pm)
  • 4pm to 6pm (out by 7pm)

Will there be a secure place to store bags etc?

There will be a baggage tent situated next to the registration tent on race days. Please note that you leave your items in this tent at your own risk as we can’t monitor what goes in or out. However if you have small valuables ie. Wallets, phones, security passes or keys etc. we can secure those for you.

When do Corporate Cup entries close?

Entries close for the city run by August 4 and the regions by August 8. This deadline enables us to organise race bags, timing tags and t-shirts in time for your first run/walk. However we will accept late entries after this up until the second week of the event.

When will my timing tags and race bag be ready?

We will email out to participants the team number bag that have been completed.

Is there an exact date we need to run from?

Yes. If you choose to register in the city you will need to compete fortnightly on Wednesdays starting as of the 5th August for 7 fortnights.

What if I miss a run?

If you miss a week it will only effect your personal result. If you are a fast runner you need to compete 6 out of the 7 runs to qualify for fast runner award.

Will that affect the team score?

It will only affect your personal points, however if 5 other members in your team have competed then this won’t be an issue for the teams overall tally.

What are the times I can run/walk?

  • City (Karrawirra Park Sth) – 6am to 6pm (last start)
  • City (Pinky Flat) – 11.30am to 1.30pm (last start)
  • North – 6.30am to 1.30pm (last start)
  • West – 6.30am to 1.30pm (last start)
  • South – 6.30am to 1.30pm (last start)

What if I forget my timing tag?

A limited number of temp tags are available at the registration tent on race days.

What if I lose/damage my timing tag?

A replacement tag can be ordered for $5 from the registration tent or email

Do team members have to race at the same time?

No. Team members can race at any time during the track opening hours.

Can team members race at different regions during the event?

No. Participants must choose one region at the start of the event and stay with that location.

What should I be wearing for each run/walk?

A comfortable pair of quality running/walking shoes and exercise clothes.

How are points tallied?

Teams consist of 5 to 7 participants and each week we take the highest 5 points scored in the team which go to the teams points tally. At the end of the competition we will then calculate the best 5 weeks which will then be the overall result.

Is there a different prize pool for corporate team and private teams?

There is a wide range of awards that are presented at the end. The overall awards do not matter if you are a private, school or corporate team, however we do have awards for the most improved private and most improved government team.

What if I have more questions on the day?

The staff at the registration tent can help you with any questions you may have.