At Enventive, our vision is of people inspired to enjoy active and healthy lives and we contribute to this by creating, planning and delivering initiatives that connect and activate the community leaving positive, lasting outcomes.

Hooking up with Jaba Multimedia Design, we recently took up the Office for Digital Government’s latest D3 Challenge aimed at increasing visitors over the age of 50 to parks.  Our initial research identified four key barriers restricting the connection between people and parks:

  • Time
  • Motivation
  • Knowledge/information
  • Access/transport

Our solution combines a website 2.0 with a collaborative social marketing campaign that we’re calling Parkapedia. lets people search for, and connect with, open space communities, activities and facilities. It promotes volunteer opportunities and creates a community of ride providers. Everyone will be able to connect through our Parkpal program and there’ll be regular competitions to further encourage parks and open space engagement.  Although our social marketing campaign is a long way off, think Slip Slop Slap, 2 + 5 and ‘Life. Be in it.’  It’ll all be about raising significant awareness and changing behaviour.

We presented Parkapedia to the D3 judging panels and were delighted to win seed funding to help us through the community consultation phase!