Walking is one of the most overlooked and undervalued forms of exercise, but it’s having a resurgence on the fitness scene, with health gurus labeling it the ‘superfood of exercise’.

Incorporating a brisk 15-minute walk into your daily schedule can improve heart health, decrease stress, improve bone density, help with sleep and mood, and result in weight loss.

Walking is one the most accessible and affordable forms of exercise – and unlike other activities, it doesn’t require expensive gym memberships or special equipment. As a lower-impact exercise, it’s perfect for people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities – and it’s super easy to incorporate into your day.

To get you started, here are five simple steps to incorporate a walk into your day:

Walk as part of your daily commute

Hop on the bus a stop or two later, or disembark earlier. With a little bit of organisation the night before it can be quite easy to incorporate a 15 minute walk to your daily commute. A brisk walk before work will release endorphins, making you feel energised and ready to tackle the day!

Use your lunchbreak

Instead of grabbing a bite to eat at the desk, roll up your sleeves and explore the streets around your workplace in your lunch break. You’ll feel much happier and healthier for it – and you’ll be getting a hearty dose of Vitamin D.

Walk at work

Email and wireless communication has made us all guilty of calling and emailing instead of walking a flight of stairs (or two desks down) to speak to our colleagues. Changing your approach so that you get up and speak to your colleagues before you email them is not only a healthy option, but also fosters a team atmosphere in the office. Other simple tricks to get you walking in the office can include printing on the furthest printer, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and choosing to use facilities like bathrooms or kitchens that are further away.

Have your coffee catch up to go 

Why confine a coffee catch up to a noisy and crowded café? Grab your coffees to go and catch up with your buddy or colleague over a healthy walk around the block, or two.

Find a walking buddy

A walking buddy can help you stay accountable and motivated to stick to your fitness goals.

The list is endless when it comes to easy ways to add a walk to your day, and of course the 2016 City of Onkaparinga Active Community Cup is also the perfect activity to get you and your colleagues, family and friends motivated to get active through the spring months. So grab your walking buddies and sign up to walk one of the 4 courses today.