Leap of faith or a business decision? 

If we were to review your current sponsorship strategy the first thing we’d ask is whether your decision to sponsor was a business decision.

You see at Enventive we believe that the decision to sponsor should always be a business decision and that the investment should help deliver business objectives. And we believe that a sponsorship strategy should be engrained in a corporate culture and that all stakeholders, internal and external, should buy into it.

We know that everything you do says something about your brand and your business. So what you sponsor and how you manage that investment has a direct influence on your brand message, business outcomes and equity.

Crucially, if you’re not prepared to invest in a leveraging campaign around your sponsorship rights you’re not giving yourself the best chance of a real return on investment.

At the end of the day, sponsorships provide an opportunity to reach your market, existing and new, engage them, deliver value to them and develop/maintain mutually beneficial relationships.


We employ a NOW WHERE HOW methodology in developing and rolling out a sponsorship strategy.  The NOW reviews your current sponsorships and how they fit into your brand and business strategy and your marketing mix.  The WHERE considers a new sponsorship direction and is powered through discussion, survey and workshop.  The HOW develops a plan to acquire, roll out, activate and manage your properties so that they help to achieve your business goals.


During this research phase we gather a clear brand and business background and learn about your marketing strategy and your existing sponsorship properties.


Your marketing plan is built to deliver brand and business objectives so, so should your sponsorship plan.   To develop an effective sponsorship plan and culture we need to get inside your head and understand your DNA: what makes you, your staff and your business tick.


Who are you talking to and how?  And what are you saying?  Through discussion we learn about your marketing mix and find out how effective it is and how you calculate your ROI. Ultimately, we uncover what’s holding you back from getting to where you want to be.


It might not be written down but if you sponsor something you’ve got a sponsorship strategy. We workshop the strengths and weakness of your existing strategy and discuss the keys to success of your sponsorship. We examine your sponsorship agreements and talk to the property owners to find out what they think of their relationship with you.


We talk to your customers and staff to find out what they know of your sponsorships and to what extent they have benefitted from it.



With a clearer understanding of who you are, where you’re going, what vehicles you’re using to get there and who you’re taking with you, we take a look at the properties that may help you achieve your marketing and business objectives.

We consider organisations (sport or otherwise), events, programs, people and causes.


To be honest, this is the really important part. We’ll have identified potential properties that may be able to work for you but they’ll only really work if we can drive your property rights (we’ll propose how you do this) and add a leveraging campaign.  This will make sense of your investment.



Based on a knowledge of your business objectives, your marketing mix and your sponsorship key success factors we will present a sponsorship strategy and our reasons for it.

We will provide some investment options that will enhance your brand and build business value and these properties will have a range of acquisition values.

We will suggest how to acquire the property, roll-out and manage the contract rights and obligations and we will provide a leveraging campaign strategy and how to orchestrate it.

A draft budget will be included in the presentation as well as an overarching project plan and calendar.

Measuring your ROI will be an important part of your sponsorship strategy and where we are unable to provide success measure methodology, we will suggest a third party with the appropriate experience.


Our proposal will tell you how you should manage the project in-house.  Or we can manage it for you!