Dragon Boating is a team sport where 12 people work together to propel a boat forward. As a sport built on teamwork, it is an ideal opportunity to build workplace relations away from the office. Paddling combines teamwork and fun with the added element of an adrenaline charged challenge, and employees (and employers!) will learn to work as a single unit in a safe, fun environment.

Every paddler has a unique job and the boat is only as strong as its weakest paddler – but we measure weakness not in any physical trait but in an ability to work in sync with the rest of the team. A perfectly synchronized team will almost always beat a physically stronger, but less coordinated team.

The benefits of Dragon Boating can be divided into three main categories, fitness, team building and psychological health benefits. Although these are separate they all intertwine to make the activity of Dragon Boating a valuable and exciting experience.


  • Dragon boating is a sport that increases fitness. It’s a physically demanding activity that combines upper body exercises
  • People of all fitness levels can participate and the longer you do it, the fitter you will become
  • It’s a whole body workout. Your legs are the anchor, while the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back drag the paddle through the water
  • Great for strengthening your abs and core
  • Cardiovascular fitness: your endurance and stamina will quickly build from training several times a week
  • It will increase your strength, endurance and coordination

Team building

  • Dragon boat teams provide an opportunity for a diverse range of people to get to know each other through an accessible and spirited team oriented activity. Dragon boat racing is unique in its ability to bridge communication gaps by building strong, supportive relationships
  • Racing enhances work dynamics, increases paddler motivation, improves communication, boosts self-confidence, and breaks down barriers among team members
  • The sport fosters team spirit and cooperation among its members, which are transferrable skills
  • Dragon boating is the ultimate team sport. It’s not about you; it’s about how the whole team works together

Psychological health benefits

  • It provides members with a relaxed atmosphere
  • It encourages mental and physical health through a commitment to each other
  • The physical experience of being in the dragon boat is an excellent catalyst for clear, creative thinking and innovation, which adds to productivity outside of sport
  • A reduction in stress levels
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood and body image
  • Greater confidence
  • Individual feeling of accomplishment, along with the pride of being part of a team.
  • Over the past 15 years Dragon Boat Racing has become extremely popular among Breast Cancer survivors. The repetitive and intense upper body workout has proven physical benefits. Paddling together with a team of survivors bestows the full range of psychological benefits and has been shown to be an invaluable part of the recovery process.

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