If you haven’t “liked” our Facebook page yet, you should and here’s three big reasons why.

Keeping Up To Date

Currently your main medium of information and advice regarding the Corporate Cup is this newsletter which, once the event starts, will be sent fortnightly. But we’ll be posting what we hope will be interesting, informative and entertaining stuff on Facebook much more regularly. So, Facebook will be the best platform to know what’s happening at the be active Corporate Cup. Oh. And it would be a shame you missed a promotion or competition because you weren’t on Facebook.

Feedback and Suggestions

Don’t think we’re not interested in what you have to say about the Corporate Cup. And anything else for that matter. We are! Facebook is a great way to tell us what you think and any suggestions you might have. And we want the Corporate Cup community to hear what you have to say – this might be running advice or it might be advice on what to do in the week off. It might even be to tell everyone of an event you’re organising. Importantly, your feedback allows us to improve the event.

Share your Experience

We’ll be wanting to find out more about your run (or walk). We’ll want to hear if you’ve improved your time or whether you were rained on or whether whatever. But we’ll be asking you to capture your experience with your smart phone and share it with us. And we’ll be capturing stuff on our camera as well. You may even find we have a photo competition coming up!

So CLICK HERE and like us on Facebook.