For some people, running first thing in the morning is challenging. Here’s our advice on beating the morning blues.

If you have difficulty getting your body in gear for a morning run you’re certainly not alone. Even Rocky found it difficult rising for those pre dawn training runs – even with the incentive of a world heavyweight title fight against Apollo Creed. Our muscles are cold from sleeping all night, blood sugar levels are at their lowest from fasting and, lets face it, your head just ain’t in the game.

The good news is a morning run is a great way to kick start your day but you need to have your body and mind primed. For example, to get those blood sugar levels up have half a banana and/or some bread and jam washed down with half a cup of tea or coffee.

Remember how your car can take a bit of time to fire up on a cold morning? It’s the same with your body so get walking and stretching before you launch into your run…and maybe build up that walk to a series of short runs before setting of on your full training run. This can turn into some gentle

Finally, if you haven’t considered motivational music them maybe it’s time to try. Actually, it’d be fun to find out what your ‘best music to run to’ songs are. Watch out for this on Facebook!