Remember Come ’n Try?  It was an extremely simple but effective grass root sports marketing campaign that was conceived and managed by ‘Life. Be in it.’ and funded through the Office of Recreation and Sport.

Clubs applied to ‘Life. Be in it’ for marketing collateral to  promote Come ’n Try days at their sports clubs.  The club then engaged the community and members delivered the Come ’n Try to those who booked with the club.

During the lifespan of this initiative thousands of children and adults tried heaps of traditional and not-so-traditional sports and recreational activities at clubs all around South Australia.  In fact during 2010, the last year of Come ’n Try, over 1500 people had a go at one or more of 15 sports and 10% took up a membership.

Come ’n Try is coming back, albeit in a 2.0 version.  This time South Australia’s sporting and recreational bodies are getting together to offer a week of Come ’n Try sessions during the school holidays. As with the original,  the new Come ’n Try project aims at introducing children to sport and recreational activities they may not have tried before which will undoubtedly lead, in some case, to club membership.

The first Come ’n Try 2.0 will take place in the first week of the spring school holidays, 30th September to 2nd October, with all sessions times  conveniently coordinated at 9.30am, 12.00pm and 2.30pm.  Because it all takes place in and around Adelaide’s CBD (the Adelaide City Council through its Active Ambassador program is the main funding agent) parents have time to get from one session to another.  Of course, Come ’n Try also provides something for kids to do during the holiday and as sessions will usually be $10 it compares favourably with other school holiday activities.

The 2.0 strategy is simple.  Confirm the sport and recreation bodies that will be providing Come ’n Try sessions during the week and develop and promote a web site that allows parents to book in their children.

Having conceived the new look Come ‘n Try and secured the funding, Enventive is managing the process so we’ll let you know of progress in the next newsletter.