6000 participants; 900 teams; 300 organisations. Registration for the 2015 be active Corporate Cup is open but why, after 34 years, does it remain so popular?

It’ll be 5.00am on hopefully a bright, fresh Adelaide morning and program manager Neil Warren will be setting up for the first of 8 fortnightly events that will make up the 2015 be active Corporate Cup. At 6am the first participant will arrive to collect their timing card and set off around the Torrens River.

By 9am nearly 3,000 men and women will have either run or walked the 2.2, 4.5 or 7.2 course and by 6pm that evening nearly 5,000 people will have enjoyed views of Adelaide Oval, the Conference Centre, the Festival Centre, park and fields, the corner of the Botanic Gardens and the Zoo and tribes of inquisitive birds, humans an other animals.

And a week later, another 1500 will have completed similar distances at Port Adelaide, Mawson Lakes and Somerton Park.

The first day of the be active Corporate Cup is known as ‘base day’ providing the time from which improvement will be measured through the series and at the end corporate teams and individuals will have claimed $4,000 worth of awards and prizes.

But, as the tag line for the Corporate Cup goes, health is the real winner. And that was why, 34 years ago, ACHPER SA, the South Australian branch of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, came up with the idea of the Corporate Cup to support the olympian value of a healthy body, a healthy mind.

“As corporate workers lead an increasingly sedentary work role stuck in front of computers, organisations understand their responsibility to a fit and healthy society,” suggests Matt Schmidt, Executive Director of ACHPER SA. “This is why the event has attracted an increasing amount of teams, particularly from the public sector.”

With 70% of the 900 teams representing that sector, the 2015 Corporate Cup aims to attract more NFP organisations and private businesses by promoting not only the need to manage employee welfare but opportunities for intra-industry competition and one-upmanship. Who will claim the title of Adelaide’s most physically active advertising agency!

65% of entrants fit into the 30 to 50 year old age group with under 30s making up only 15% of participant numbers. There are a number of reasons for this. As they’re making their way up the corporate ladder, many Gen. Ys feel they don’t have the time…and anyway, they’re going to the gym and still playing active sport. But this is a competitive and digital savvy age group that will utilise apps such as Matchup to challenge each other and gamify office exercise.

Whether from the private or public sector, 20 or 60 age group, male or female, the event that carries the be active brand of the Office of Recreation and Sport attracts runners and walkers of all levels of physical activity. The be active Corporate Cup is a fine way to complement an existing fitness regime but it is also an excellent way to kick off the winter blues and start getting in shape for the summer. As the name suggest, its all about being active.

Find out more information and enter the be active Corporate Cup.