Wake Up and Get Running!

You might already be exercising, you might already play a team sport, so why would you run and what are the benefits for you?

If you’re a regular exerciser, maybe a gym junkie or play a team sport you might think that you don’t need to run. You’re already “fit” right?

If you spend your time in the weights area of the gym you’re doing a lot of good for your health, growing or maintaining your muscle mass and keeping your metabolism revved to help manage your weight.
If you play a team sport it’s likely that you’ll be moving quickly for short periods of play when you’re “on the ball” followed by periods where you’re not directly involved in the play.

Both weights and team sports tend to be stop-start and what you’re not getting in either of these situations is the benefit of a continual cardiovascular work-out.

So what are the benefits of running and other endurance sports as opposed to stop/start activities?

Running is good for your heart

It gives you a cardiovascular workout that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up over the duration of your run. If you continue to run, then over time your heart gets better at pumping blood around the body and even grows in size to pump a bigger volume of blood with each heart beat.

Running is good for your lungs and your posture

During your run your lungs have to work harder to allow you to breathe more deeply and more frequently. That maintains and improves your lungs elasticity and keeps your upper body and rib cage mobile. That extra mobility alleviates the stiffness that comes from being hunched over a desk all day and helps you to maintain a better posture.

Running is good for your brain

The extra blood flow and oxygen provided to the brain during cardiovascular workouts is thought to assist with improved mental capabilities and well being. It wakes you up and makes you more alert. It can also help with your mood, some studies have shown that running is as effective at treating depression as many of the prescribed drugs currently in use.

So even if you’re “fit” from your other activities, running provides you with an additional range of benefits that you may not be otherwise getting.

Why not use the Corporate Cup as the start of your running career?

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